Born in 2007 and formally created on June 28, 2011 by the pilots of the Tanger Med port, the Mediterranean Maritime Pilots’ Professional Association (APMPM) works for the benefit of the maritime and port sector in general and particularly maritime pilotage. It is:

  • Founding member of the African Maritime Pilots’ Association (AMPA), created in 2008 in Dakar;
  • Founding member of the Moroccan Federation of Maritime Pilots (FMPM), created in September 2012


The African Maritime Pilots’ Association (AMPA), created in 2008 in Dakar by eight African stations, has now 24 members.

The first edition of the African Forum on Maritime Pilotage was held on March 15-16, 2010 in Dakar.

The first AMPA Congress was held in Casablanca on March 8-9, 2012.


IMPA, the International Maritime Pilots’ Association, has for main objective the promotion of a professional and safe piloting around the world.

Officially launched in Amsterdam in May 1971, it promotes both consultation amongst its members and the exchange of technical information with industry partners and regulators at the local, national and international levels.

To date, IMPA has more than 8,000 members in 54 countries.

IMPA is present at the UN within the IMO as a representative of the Maritime Pilotage and is therefore involved in the development of international maritime legislation and regulation.

About Maritime Pilotage

In accordance with the maritime resolutions of the IMO -International Maritime Organization-, pilots operate in each port open to navigation, 365 days a year, an often-unknown occupation, which consists in boarding the ships before their arrival and assisting them for their entry into shallow waters of the harbour and its approach. Equally, Pilots will ensure the departure of ships from the quay until they are definitely clear of all navigation hazards.
Maritime Pilotage is highly regulated by the IMO, due to the sensitivity of this activity and its crucial importance to the safety of shipping; protection of ports, ships and the environment; as well as the fluidity of trade flows. State commissioned pilots, operating in each port open to international navigation, are thus at the service of their port regional ecosystem and all its actors.


Maritime Pilotage in Morocco:

This activity, essential for maritime transport, has been exercised at the ports of the Cherifian Kingdom for more than a century. It consists in ensuring, by Maritime Pilots commissioned by the Moroccan State, the assistance to the Captains of the ships for their movements of entry in and exit from the ports.

Four pilotage organizations are operating today in Morocco:

·        Tanger Med Port Complex’ Pilot Station;

·        Pilot Station of the ports of Casablanca and Jorf Lasfar;

·       Pilot Stations operating under the direction of the National Ports Agency (ANP);

·        Pilot Stations operating under the direction of Marsa Maroc.

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