A thousand and one ways to discover Tangier and live it…
A thousand and one ways to discover Tangier and live it…

Nestled in the Strait of Gibraltar and strategic point between Africa and Europe since the time of the Phoenicians (over 2500 years of existence ), Tangier has long been a land of welcome for many artists and intellectuals from around the world (Henri Matisse, Eugene Delacroix, Paul Bowles, Paul Greengrass, …), attracted by its climate, its landscapes and its picturesque .

Cosmopolitan city with more than one million inhabitants, dynamic and open on the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, it is the second economic pole of the Kingdom, with the momentum of the Tanger Med Port Complex and its Industrial Platform. The capital of the straight has a very good  maritime, air and land connectivity.

A major seaside resort, Tangier has a variety of hotels and tourist facilities, both in the city center and along its Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches. On the outskirts of the mountain range of the Rif, the destination also benefits from a rich hinterland. The marina and the cornice offer exceptional spaces for relaxation and leisure.

No further, hillside, The Medina with its whitewashed buildings, attracts many visitors. At its entrance, the Grand Socco, the bazaars and the souks are very animated. The « Kasbah« , historical site and tourist attraction, includes « Dar el Makhzen« , an ancient palace of the sultans from the 17th century, now a museum of ancient objects of Morocco.      

For its part, the American Legation, housed in an old Moorish style consulate built in 1821, traces the history of the first diplomatic relations between the United States and Morocco.

The Place of the 9th of April is bordered by “La Cinémathèque de Tanger” and the prestigious building of the Mendoubia (residence of the representative of Sultan) and its park, splendid with its giant banyan fig tree and its many century-old dragon trees.

The city of Tangier has an outstanding archaeological, architectural and urban heritage. From the Grand Theater of Cervantes to the Plaza de Toros arena, via Dar Niaba, the duality between traditional and colonial architecture offers discovery and wonder.

With a mysterious history and related to the Greek mythology locating in Morocco the Gardens of the Hesperides, The Caves of Hercules are an amazing and beautiful place with a significant archeology and an opening recalling the shape of Africa.

Legend holds that Hercules used to rest there during his labors. Why not you? It’s a must see when you are on excursion to Cape Spartel. The view of the Strait of Gibraltar is breathtaking. Just like in Cape Malabata, at the other end of Tangier.    

Finally, Tangier is one of the most complete tourist destinations. The seaside, business and cultural mingle with leisure, relaxation and interesting shopping offers, including Tanger City mall, Ibn Battouta mall and Socco Alto.

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