In a context of globalization and while 95% of world trade passes through the oceans, port projects likely to improve African countries’ competitiveness are increasing, from new deep-water ports, to existing ports expansion and/or upgrading. Thus, many African ports are tackling new challenges such as Maritime connectivity, repositioning in the global trade, ships gigantism, new technologies, security improvement, and environmental protection. Promotion of a safe, modern and efficient Maritime Pilotage still a common goal to all these countries and takes a non-negligible part of this unprecedented ports development thinking in Africa. Therefore, all these developments involve safe, efficient and optimized maritime pilotage’ operations. Hence, our imperative collective involvement as representatives of this profession whose cruciality is clear in the port’ logistics chain.


  • Strengthening AMPA and its structures;
  • Promote a modern, safe and efficient professional maritime pilotage in Africa and elsewhere;
  • Sharing « Best Practices », experiences, knowledge and professional “know-how”;
  • Promote African participation in the structures and activities of international bodies (IMPA, IMO, …)
  • Capitalize on the support of IMPA for the development of Maritime Pilotage in Africa (and the representativeness of African pilots), in line with the ambitions expressed in Dakar Congress;
  • Encourage the joint reflection and work of African Maritime Pilots on their own challenges in a changing global context;
  • Create a focal point of reference of the pilotage at the level of the continent like the pilots organizations of Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Europe;
  • Identify the changes in African ports and their stakes for the pilot;
  • Sharing experiences of African success stories, including Tanger Med;
  • To tie the development of the maritime pilot profession to that of the African port infrastructure.

You can meet 

  • Port Authorities and Regulation entities;
  • Delegations of Maritime Pilotage organizations in Africa and elsewhere;
  • National and International experts in the maritime and port sectors;
  • Public administrations representatives;
  • Representatives of international organizations;
  • Port Professionals (Port terminals – Shipping companies – Port operators – Towing companies – Shipping agents – Service companies);
  • Associations, …

* Other participating countries: of Europe, the Mediterranean, Arab countries of Asia, Turkey.

African coastal countries

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